ARD Community

Education and Workforce Development

ARD prioritizes education and workforce development initiatives, and has developed meaningful business partnerships with surrounding high schools, ready to work programs and other businesses to provide a comprehensive workforce development strategy. These programs are designed to help ARD create, sustain, and maintain a viable workforce. Currently, ARD is an active collaborator with our region’s automotive taskforce, with a goal of establishing the much needed high school logistics center that will enable students to learn automotive skills and become certified operators upon graduation. This is one of many relationships that will enhance the flow of qualified candidates into the logistics field to help support the growth in this region.

Workforce Development

We recognize that our performance at ARD depends on the sophistication of our workforce. In addition to the programs aimed at our future workforce, ARD recognizes the immediate needs of the current workforce. The quality standards of the industry demand specialized skills, and ARD is committed to increasing the number of qualified candidates in the area.

Education Initatives

ARD invests in Educational Initiatives that support our local communities and create future career pathways. We are committed to the workforce of the future and making an impact for generations to come.

ARD/KLS named Supplier of the Year

ARD Logistics/Key Logistics Solutions was named Supplier of the Year by the Carolinas Virginias Minority Supplier Development Council.


A new year brings an opportunity to reflect on last year’s accomplishments and the impact we have made on our customers, our business and your families.  In 2017, we enhanced processes, celebrated winning Supplier of the Year together and engaged in new initiatives that will enable us to continue to grow.