Delphi has a global footprint, and found a partner in Alabama with ARD.


Delphi Packard needed a supply chain solution for Mercedes Benz U.S. International vehicle wiring harnesses which insured Non-JIS product was stored and shipped by unique serial ID.

Parts were staged on pallets making it difficult to locate specific serial numbers.

When parts were stored in location you could only get to half the inventory to scan.

FIFO was not managed due to the way parts were stored in location.

Lack of space to properly handle the totes created delays in receiving.

Excess inventory brought in due to not having a good understanding what was on hand.

Inefficiencies drove a two shift operations with 7 Team Members per shift.

Operations required 30,000 sq ft of space


The Ways We Solved those Problems

Implemented racking system which allows for storage of each individual tote by unique ID.

Developed MRP system module which allows for put away efficiency storing in first available location rather than by part number.

Developed MRP module which allocates the order in a fashion that not on drives pick based on FIFO by unique but also creates pick order to allow for one path pick order for efficiency.


The Ways the Client Benefitted

Reduced headcount required by 72% which allowed for work to be completed as one shift operation based on efficiency gains.

Provided guidance in utilization of Mercedes Benz customer specific systems and implementation of requirements. This included all facets of the organization including: Quality, IT Infrastructure, Inventory Control and Transportation.

Development and implementation of MRP and EDI Systems which allow for full circle communication between Grupo Antolin, Mercedes and Component Suppliers

Deploy web interface for visibility of part usage, test performance and vision system records at Grupo Antolin.

Developed process flows and standardize work instructions which insure part quality and process efficiency are achieved 100%.

Execute problem solving utilizing 5 why methodology.

Process enhancements provided utilizing Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing Methodology.