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Education Initatives

Mar 30 2017

Adopt A School

Our partnership with the West Alabama Chamber of Commerce’s Adopt-A-School program is a longstanding one. We believe that by exposing students to the work we do, we can inspire them to aim higher. Our primary goal is to reach students who are uncertain of their future goals with the hope they will either discover a fit in our industry, or narrow their interests.  To that effect, we have established shadowing and STEM related programs to support our adopted middle and high school partners.

ARD Internship

The ARD 2017 Internship is in its 2nd year of creation. ARDs Internship Program supports student learning and development experiences in professional environments outside the academic setting. The learning experience provide via our internship is designed to teach critical thinking, effective reasoning, and the formation of new ideas within a work context.  Our goal is to foster self-understanding, professional identity development, and personal initiative. It is our hope that by the end of the internship the students will have developed practical competencies, such as effective communication, technical proficiency, progression toward goals, and contextual professional behavior. We further hope that students can identify career choices and clarify career goals, with the aim of assisting students to secure future employment and other professional and educational opportunities.
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