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Workforce Development

Mar 30 2017

Shelton State Long and Short Logistics Certificate Programs

We recognize that our performance at ARD depends on the sophistication of our workforce. With the goal of providing in-depth industry training, ARD and Shelton State have partnered to provide college level courses that result in industry certifications. Students may enroll in the short-certification program, lasting 4 weeks or hone their skills in a long-certificate program for 8 weeks.

Ready To Work Training Program

In addition to the programs aimed at our future workforce, ARD recognizes the immediate needs of the current workforce. The quality standards of the industry demand specialized skills, and ARD is committed to increasing the number of qualified candidates in the area. To prepare more individuals for jobs in our industry ARD partners with the Ready to Work organization to provide training specific to our scope of work in the Alabama automotive space. Participants complete training based on ARD processes and procedures and receive positions at our locations upon completion.

Brookwood Logistics Academy

ARD is an active participant in the automotive taskforce for West Alabama. One of the major goals is the creation of the Brookwood Logistics Academy. The school will teach hands-on logistics training as well as training in other industries to high school students. Alongside other community business partners, ARD is helping fund the project to enhance our future workforce.