Sylvester Hester

President and CEO of GAA Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

Sylvester Hester is president and CEO of GAA Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management. Since earning this role in 2015, Hester’s focus on operational excellence and sustained growth has resulted in a corporate acquisition, entré into new markets, an increase in facilities, innovation in product and service delivery, and enhanced national and global relationships.

Karl Grant

Executive Vice President

Robbie Wicks

Director of Operations

Don Hardy

Director of Operations

Brandy Conway

Director of Program Management and Client Engagement

Rob Aikins


Ty Jones

General Manager

Jackie Reaves

Accounting Manager

Mike Stines

Site Manager

Bregitte Braddock

General Manager

Gary Whittaker

Maintenance Manager

Bill McGee

Plant Manager

James Parker

Plant Manager

Robert Rountree

Site Manager