Dear Friends,

A new year brings an opportunity to reflect on last year’s accomplishments and the impact we have made on our customers, our business and your families.  In 2017, we enhanced processes, celebrated winning Supplier of the Year together and engaged in new initiatives that will enable us to continue to grow. We focused on becoming a “People Centered Organization”. I am pleased that we developed more ways to communicate, hired outstanding new team members who have added to the corporate culture and celebrated the tenure of our seasoned workforce veterans. As we move into the new year, we will continue to be the best.

With your help, 2018 has gotten off to a promising, productive start. Operations at the Vance, Cottondale and MBUSI locations are moving in the right direction, with great momentum; and they will continue to expand as our team leaders, supervisors and managers growth their skills through corporate training.

We are continuing our work with a spirit of compassion and consideration for each other and our customers; and we are declaring 2018 as the year of Collaboration and Accountability. A concentration on these is the only way to ensure each and every part we produce meets the quality standards of our customers. As we focus on better performance, we must first enhance the innerworkings of our operations. That means becoming better individual contributors and team players, incorporating better processes and practicing better habits. Growth is not attainable without a laser focus on these aspects of our business.

With the new focus in mind, the Leadership Team is gearing up to roll out several new initiatives such as the ARD App. We currently have a special team conducting a testing phase for the new app that promises to make it easier and faster to communicate with managers and team members. Many of you are already carpooling, collaborating to get to work every day. The app’s Ride Share component will enable you to connect with other team members and coordinate car pools. This function, as well as the ability to take surveys, read company news and call into work more easily will enhance our operations.

In this year of Collaboration and Accountability we are focused on building better communications platforms, creating opportunities to connect with and celebrate our employees, improving operational practice and becoming more precise in our work. Together we will hit our key performance indicators and achieve customer goals.

These are exciting times at ARD! I believe in the ability of our company and our people. I look forward to continuing to work with you all, and as always, my door is open to you.

Best Wishes,

Sylvester Hester

President & CEO, ARD Logistics