ARD serves many sectors.

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Spending to build and maintain warehouses to hold inventory can tie up large amounts of your company’s capital and resources. You can rely on ARD and our global network of warehouse space to help your company with its inventory needs. Leveraging our millions of square feet of space will make your supply chain more efficient and allow your financial capital to be more productive. Whether your warehouse needs encompass multiple locations globally, or are confined to one geographic area, ARD has the resources and solutions to address your specific situation, allowing your company to focus on what it does best.

Supply Chain Technology

Your assembly operation involves thousands of parts with multiple variations of each part that require precise integration in a larger unit, which has its own part numbers and variations. An enormous amount of data is the common thread that connects the entire assembly process. Attempting to coordinate, organize, analyze and make decisions based on that data can be the difference between profit and loss. ARD has developed a suite of technology tools that can harness large volumes of data generated by your assembly operation and provide relevant information that can enhance the decision making process within your organization. Better information leads to better decisions. Let ARD show you how our focus on technology tools can help your company.


Today’s just-in-time manufacturing process requires that the right parts be in the right place at exactly the right time, and in the exact right order. Coordinating multiple origin suppliers adds additional complexity. ARD has measurable experience creating sequencing operations for clients in high volume and complex industries such as aerospace and automotive. Drawing upon years of delivering real world solutions using innovative and proven processes. Achieving a 99.7% accuracy rate with its most demanding customer validates the ARD approach. Let ARD turn your chaos into calm for your sequencing requirements.

Contract Assembly

The assembly process is complex and requires significant resources to be done effectively. ARD provides contract assembly services that give your company the flexibility to redeploy its resources to other areas for better outcomes. Using the best Six Sigma and ISO processes, ARD can help your company operate your assembly operations more efficiently and profitably with the highest quality.

Maximizing your human capital is beneficial when that capital is deployed on preferred, value added tasks. ARD delivers value by performing tasks in concert with your full assembly operation. The ARD contract assembly process enables your company to use its resources more effectively.

Process Improvement

Inefficiencies within in your supply chain can lead to lost productivity and, at worst, cripple your business. Knowing where the inefficiencies are located within your process can difficult to identify and change. ARD leverages the best combination of process improvement, technology and people to evaluate your current supply chain processes and reconfigure them to gain better productivity through the improved flow of people and products through your warehouse or assembly operation. ARD has the proven expertise and results to help your company improve its operations.